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About Me | Hanna HIll Photography | Raleigh birth and Family Photographer

I believe being funny is one of the greatest traits in a human.


I believe in sleeping in when possible, drinking more than 2 cups of coffee and ending my day with wine because life is short and I'm still pretty young.


I believe makeup, ironing and shaving should not be a thing. But I still do them.  


I love the feeling of being surrounded by my chaotic, opinionated and food loving extended family. 

I believe staying home 75% of the week is the perfect amount of time and trying new things and going out should be left to the remaining 25% 


I believe my mother’s paintings and love for Motown music has influenced me probably more than anything else in my childhood


I believe in keeping every heartfelt letter ever given to me in a box and imagine one day showing my daughter and her having a better understanding of who I am and who I was.


I believe that with every place I travel, I grow smarter and more whole just from walking the streets, talking to the people and photographing the culture.


I believe connecting and working alongside my community and people who aren’t exactly like me is vital to my growth as a person.


I believe in filling my home with art and photographs and telling our story all over the walls.


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