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Breastfeeding Celebration Sessions

Breast Feeding Celebration Sessions : Mini Session Dates Listed Below

Whether you are just starting your journey or celebrating the end of this beautiful season there is no better time than now to commemorate your breastfeeding adventure. This week is World Breastfeeding Week. A time where women all over the world celebrate and acknowledge this incredible gift of motherhood that bonds us to not just our community or even our history but the whole world.

As powerful as the breastfeeding bond is, it's also hunger prevention and nutrition for so many babies all over the world. This week is not just about celebrating our rights as women to feed our baby's openly but it's also about the fact that breastfeeding is a lifesaving and poverty reducing part of the incredible motherhood journey. I am constantly blown away by the creation of the female body. It can not only grow life it can then produce enough nutrition and food to keep that child alive outside of the womb. 

Breastfeeding as a photographed subject is nothing new. It has been celebrated, recorded and documented throughout centuries from paintings, to sculpture to photographs. Seeing the history and story of all of the mother's who have gone before us and have experienced the sacrifice and bond of breastfeeding is nothing but inspirational.

In Honor of Breastfeeding Awareness Month and World Breastfeeding Week I want to open up Breast feeding Mini Sessions. 

Breastfeeding Outdoor Mini Sessions 


These will be quick and easy sessions for moms who just want a handful of images that celebrate their nursing journey at it's beginning, middle or end. They will be on specific days and times so be sure to reach out as soon as you can to reserve your day and time. 

These sessions will each be 20 minutes and include 5 fully edited images with print release. 

Perfect for ANY MOM who wants to celebrate this beautiful season.


Monday, August 20th 2018

(These sunset sessions will be held at Falls Lake, Wake Forest [special location])

4.    6:00PM - 6:20PM | CLOSED

5.    6:30PM – 6:50PM | CLOSED

6.    7:00PM - 7:20PM | CLOSED

 (Sunset is 7:50PM.)

Friday, August 31st 2018

(These will be held at Forest Hills Park, Durham [special location])

 1. 9:00AM  – 9:20AM | CLOSED

 2. 9:30AM – 9:50AM  | CLOSED


Request Here with Date and Time


For mom's wanting to celebrate their Motherhood journey at home I'm also offering special pricing for the month of August ONLY!

Checkout the 2 motherhood session options Below!

Real Motherhood Home Sessions


These are perfect for mom's who want to capture this season of motherhood in a raw and beautiful way. Whether it's celebrating the postpartum ups and downs, newborn season or something particularly special to you and your story.

These sessions will each be 1 hour and include 10 fully edited images with print release

Perfect for mom's celebrating,

Their Post Partum body

The end of their nursing journey

Tandem Nursing 

Or anything truly specific to you that you want to celebrate



Breastfeeding Bath Sessions


These are perfect for mom's wanting to celebrate their breastfeeding journey in the comfort of their own home, specifically their bath tub.

These sessions will each be 1 hour and include 10 fully edited images with print release.

Perfect for mom's looking for a, 

Milk Bath Session

Herbal Bath Session

(all supplies included and brought to your home)



If you have questions I would love to answer them so don't hesitate to send an email to