Pureto Iguazu, Argentina

One of the most incredible parts about our trip was how we experienced all the different climates of South America in 3 weeks. We went from hot and humid in Ecuador to the breezy coastal air of Lima. Then we went to the rainy cold Santiago and then 4 hours into the pacific ocean to the beachy beautiful sun of Easter Island. Then we bussed down to the cool fall weather of Bariloche and felt that glacier cold coming from Patagonia. And then our next stop was this incredible Wonder of the Wolrd right in the Amazon! The Falls of Puerto Iguazu are found in Northern Argentina right on the border of Brazil. Some people say the Brazil side is more beautiful but since Americans have to have visas to get into Brazil we stuck to Argentina and I seriously can't imagine any other side being more beautiful. Chris and I got a deal at one of the fancier resort hotels in Iguazu and stayed there our couple nights. It was a little outside of the town so got our walking on once again roaming the streets for Yelp approved restaurants.  We knocked out the whole Iguazu national park in a day, I took photos of every angle we could capture of these gigantic and beautiful falls. We hiked up and down the park seeing butterflies and amazonian raccoons. We even took a little boat to an island at the base of the one of the falls to get an incredible view from below. We entered the park with our mouths open in astonishment at how incredible and magical these falls were. Seriously a once in a lifetime experience!