Easter Island, Chile

You heard us right, we went to Easter Island! Its the most remote airport in the world and only flies in and out two times a week! I think when I look back on my life and remember I went to Easter Island than I'll know I can consider myself a true traveler. Its probably the place most difficult to describe. Every inch of this small island is drenched in some sort of history and legend. Since it is so remote even their own historical record of the island is pretty incomplete and speculative. We weren't super well read about Easter Island when we went but we were fascinated by some of the theories that brought about their way of life and the Moai (the famous statues). Did you know that the "ancient civilization" we always imagined built the Moai are actually speculated to only be as old as 1300 AD. But while their not "ancient" old they were still doing Olympic style games and competitions called "the cult of the birdman" to prove masculinity and bravery for the boys who were coming of age.  Another fun fact is that all of these statues were knocked down during internal warfare during the 1800s so all the standing Moai we see on the island are actually restored by archeologists in the last 100 years. Seriously the history is fascinating but I won't bore you with it here. 

Chris and I toured the island in a little jeep and I seriously took a picture of every statue, but thats what you do when you are on an island like this.  We also had some of the best seafood pasta and stayed at the cutest little cabana hotel right outside Hanga Roa. I would highly recommend seeing this place, we were there 3 days and that was the perfect amount we saw everything and had time to relax (now I sound like a travel agent) Well here are the photos, some of my favorites of the whole trip.  

This is the reminisce of the volcano that makes up the majority of the island

This is the reminisce of the volcano that makes up the majority of the island