5 star Review

I'm not usually one for posting a great response from my photography but recently I asked a client who I did Engagement photos with to leave a review on my Facebook page. Usually I get a sweet response but she truly went over and above and I just thought I needed to share it.

"Like another review below, I don't think 5 stars is really enough to show how perfect and talented Hanna and her eye for photography are.

She did our engagement shoot. The photos we will be using for our save the dates when we have our temple wedding next year. 2016 has been so busy, and I originally spoke to her in February to shoot for us, and it seems like every time the date was getting closer something came up, and Hanna really showed how much she cared when she was stil...l ready and willing to shoot for Jared and I. That by itself gives her these 5 stars, so when I say she deserves more, it's because I haven't even touched her photography yet.

We shot last Saturday, 6 days later and I have my photos. She finished them so quickly, even in the midst of stuff going on in her life and she finished them lightning fast. During the shoot it was cold (that's my fault for choosing so early lol) but she managed to make it to where we were comfortable and ourselves. Jared and I have been through some stuff together, and it's always brought us closer together and we have so many inside jokes its crazy. She somehow managed to shoot photos that don't tell about the love, but SHOW the love. Her angles, and the way she had us pose in some of them are just, wow. Wow. They are breathtaking and I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am we picked her.

Honestly, I think she'll be shooting our temple marriage as well, and I'm almost 100% sure when we start having children she'll be there for that too. She's talented, and kind and a pleasure to work with. She didn't care that I wanted to be comfortable so I walked around without shoes on. LOL

She's so down to earth, and her photography is more than just pictures of subjects, there are feelings, and stories, and moments in them that are so raw they simply blow you away.

If you don't believe me, find out for yourself. Hannahill Photography is the best possible choice you could make. I look forward to seeing more work she does for my family and others."

-Elizabeth Noland of Kansas City, MO