Celebrating life with Birth Photography & Film

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Birth photography is about celebrating life and rejoicing in the incredible victory and strength that comes along with parenthood. 

 With every birth I capture tears, joy, intensity, peace and women becoming mothers right before my eyes. I capture families welcoming new sons, daughters, sisters and brothers into the world. There is no posing or scripting when it comes to capturing birth, it’s all about being apart of the experience with you and documenting new life.  

I love ALL types of birth stories. Because no matter how you bring your little one into the world the story of of new life is incredibly beautiful and this transformational moment is worth capturing. 

Welcoming a birth photographer into the birthing space can be a big decision so if you are in the Raleigh/ Durham, NC area and have questions about what it entails or availability of your due date, I would love to hear from you.


Choosing birth photography with Hanna HIll Photography

What to Expect?


Hiring me as your birth photographer means inviting me into a very sacred space. It feels private and vulnerable, but my goal is to bring a calm and joy.

Birth photography is an on call game. From the moment we meet and decide to move forward, I give you my full schedule for the weeks surrounding your due date. I am passionate about putting my clients first so while I've rarely missed a birth, I always have a back up photographer on call for any conflict or emergency. 

Once I am there I capture the big moments and the little moments: The touches, the pushes and the tears. I let you and your body lead the way all throughout the birth whether it lasts 6 hours or 25 hours.

I really do believe their is beauty in the strength, support, connection, love and pain that is often present at every birth story. I've never been apart of a boring birth or one not worth capturing. They all have a unique love story to tell of the day you brought your child earthside. 


Documentary birth photography | Hanna Hill Photography | Raleigh Durham Birth and Family Photographer


Fresh 48 Photography for those First Days


It's incredible how unique little ones are in those first few hours and days of life. They are seeing the world for the first time meeting their new life with open hearts. 

If you are passionate about capturing those moments but not quite sure if birth photography is for you then I highly recommend Fresh 48 as an alternative option. 

It's simply not enough to snap a few cell phone photos and call it a day. Those precious moments are fleeting and filled with so much raw love and emotion.