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Birth Films

Roaring moms, crying newborns and powerful words of encouragement. Birth videography is all about capturing those sounds and rhythms that tell the story in a way still images just really cant. Each birth film is about being able to relive, feel and experience that day over and over. It’s about creating not just a visual record but an audible one of these incredibly life-changing moments.

With every birth there is a musical movement to the way it grows and changes. There is a little dance to following along as a mom experiences progressing labor, then the moment of pure elation at first meeting and then that peaceful golden hour of rest afterward. Birth is truly the perfect love story and getting to watch it unfold is magical.

Each Birth film collection includes an edited 3-4 minute video that covers the emotion, struggle, excitement and peace that the birth rollercoaster takes you on. I hand edit each story, choosing a unique licensed song for every birth and weaving together the clips to really bring you into the space. I also include assorted clips (unedited) for you to have, moments like first cries, sweet words of encouragement from your partner and all the precious moment of birth details! So you’ll be able to watch the beautiful curated story but also just watch the raw and real moments of your powerful birth!

And since I just can’t keep myself from using my first love of photography I also include a gallery of images, of the moments I was able to capture while still focusing mostly on the video. And included with each collection are 25 images for you to have and the ability to purchase additional images if you’d like.

Check out some of my Recent Birth Films Below

Ayara F. Birth Story : Homebirth in Durham, NC

James M. Birth Story: Birth Center Birth in Cary, NC