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About Me | Hanna HIll Photography | Raleigh Durham birth and Family Photographer

I believe being funny is one of the greatest traits in a human.


I believe in sleeping in when possible, drinking more than 2 cups of coffee and ending my day with wine, because life is short.


I believe makeup, ironing and shaving should not be a thing. But I still do them.  


I believe people and family are the most important thing and I love the feeling of being surrounded by my chaotic, opinionated and food loving extended tribe. 


I believe my mother’s paintings and love for Motown music has influenced me probably more than anything else in my childhood


I believe in keeping every heartfelt letter ever given to me in a box and imagine one day showing my daughter and her having a better understanding of who I am and who I was.


I believe that with every place I travel, I grow smarter and more whole just from walking the streets, talking to the people and photographing the culture. And my husband and I do our best to go on an epic adventure at least 1 time a year! (4 years and 10 countries and we are still going strong on our promise)


I believe connecting and working alongside my community and people who aren’t exactly like me is vital to my growth as a person. 


I believe that photography tells us the story of who we are and where we've been. It's our way of making history of our days with the people we love and celebrating the adventures we take. I have cherished the photos and videos my family past down to me and hope to create a powerful story for the next generation too. 


I believe birth should be the most empowered part of the human existence. That it should be celebrated, respected and given the appreciation it deserves. I moved into birth photography not because of my own motherhood but because of my passion for telling the stories of other mothers; empowering women with just a simple photo of themselves being purely heroic throughout their birth. I want women and mothers to know they are rockstars and for our next generation of daughters to walk right into their births with confidence and power.


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