My Name is Hanna

I am a Storyteller first, an Artist second and a Photographer third

My Approach 

Stepping into people's stories is my passion and photography has always been my way of doing that. A life is full and to me there is no better way to celebrate that than with photography.

My style is hard to categorize because its true documentary but I also want you to want to put it up on your wall and show off your love and family with it. I will say it's simply about documenting real life with a beautiful twist. Perhaps like an old renaissance painting that was meant to both document and enhance the natural beauty of a person. That of course does not mean I fly off the handle with Photoshop to change the way a person looks, it means more that I use true care and authenticity to compose my work even when it seems like i'm just documenting. There is nothing more honoring to me than being able to follow a couple through their whole family cycle. So when some of my amazing clients started having kids and still wanted me to tell the their story that's how I became a traveling photographer. So you will see I have shot weddings and Families all over the US and would love to continue. 

If you are looking for something different, something real but also something beautiful than  feel free to send me an email and lets get started telling your story! 

Photo Credit: Second Street Photography

My Story

I am married to my best friend. I watch way too much TV and enjoy wine way too much. I can be super chatty and super quiet it just depends on the social situation and I am obsessed with listening to the Harry Potter series through audio books on repeat. I grew up in Florida but not at the beach, where I lived it was very hot and felt like walking into a hot tub all year round and their was no beach breeze or Disney World to make it tolerable. But when I think of Family I think of my parent's house and garden and all the things there in Florida that were apart of me becoming who I am. 

We planted our home in Kansas City, MO this past year and are learning slowly the ways of the Midwest.  During the day you will find us working together in the corporate world or snuggling at our house watching any and every cooking show.  We are in love with travel and adventure, so when I'm not out shooting, working or snuggling I like to be in another country. We saw India together when we were dating and it was the final adventure to convince us it was time to get married, we also just got back from backpacking through Sweden, Norway and Denmark and are heading to Iceland this summer, a true Scandinavian year. So basically we would go into debt for travel and we live for seeing the world.